"Every game becomes more important"

One more road game for PAOK, this time in Athens against Ionikos and Beau Beech is here again with his new #BeechBlog. Enjoy...

Game day 20, @Ionikos 03/04/2021

We are back! What’s up everyone. Hope y’all are doing well after we changed our clocks forward one hour last weekend. Also I hope y’all enjoyed some of this warm weather we had this week! Finally feels like spring is here for good which means summer, aka BEECH Season😎, is right around the corner 👀 lol

All joking aside it was a quick week for us playing Sunday vs Kolossos and now on road with Ionikos. With only 4 games left in the season every one becomes more and more important for the playoffs! It will be a tough test on the road for us as Ionikos is currently in a closely contested playoff race and playing well as a team! Going to their gym with lots of playoff ramifications on the line for both teams will create an intense atmosphere, even without fans. Controlling the tempo of the game is always a must on the road and this game is no different! Rebounding will be key as well for us, they have 3 guys that average almost 2 offensive rebounds a game. It should be a fun game with lots of heart and passion shown on the court as each team fights for the playoffs!

beech beach

And don’t forget, Beech season is around the corner 👀☀️ you know where Emma and I will be at 🏖 lol

Anyways, y’all know the deal, Catch ya next week! #BeechBlog 😎

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