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Tsochlas: "The Rethymno tournament is a very crucial test"


Three of PAOK's players have played for Rethymno in the past, although, more than Giorgos Dedas and Marc Carter, it is Apollon Tsochlas who seems to maintain a special bond with the beautiful Cretan city where he spent four years of his career.   That's why when he played with PAOK in the Rethymno last year as an opponent for the first time, he was honored by the home team and that's why he received a very warm welcome this time as well, along with the rest of our...

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The first match up: Soulis Vs Charis Markopoulos


PAOK is completing its presence at the Patras Cup this evening with the game against Koroivos Amaliadas, a game that is defined by the first clash between Soulis Markopoulos and his son, and head coach of Koroivos, Charis Markopoulos.   Working together for PAOK for five years, today they meet for the first time as rival coaches, although this is a friendly game. Only hours before their match up, that can also decide the winner of the Patras Cup, Soulis and Charis...

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