Adam Smith is the MVP of the 6th day of the  Basketball Champions League

Adam Smith received MVP honors for the 6th day of the Basketball Champions League regular season for his extraordinary performance in PAOK’s victory against Zaragoza (93-78).

O Adam Smith είχε 31 πόντους με 5/5 δίποντα, 6/11 τρίποντα και 3/4 βολές, 3 ριμπάουντ και κανένα λάθος στα 34 λεπτά που έμεινε στο παρκέ, συγκεντρώνοντας 28 μονάδες στο σύστημα αξιολόγησης.

The 27-year old American became the 7th player to score more than 30 points in this season’s Basketball Champions League, while after 6 games for the competitions, he averages 18 p.p.g. (47% 2p., 32% 3p., 2.7 assists and 2.2 rebounds).

This is the 2nd time in Adam Smith’s career that he receives MVP honors for the Basketball Champions League, having won the title again for the 2nd day of the 2017-18 season, playing for the French Elan Chalon.

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