Flevarakis: «We are after the win and constant improvement»

PAOK's trip to Hungary for the game against Falco Szombathely (22/10, 18:00 CET) for the 2nd day of the 4th group of the Basketball Champions League) has begun.

PAOK is leaving at 16:00 from the 'Makedonia' airport to Vienna and will continue to Szombathely by bus. 

PAOK's players got to practice at the PAOK SPORTS Arena in the morning, with Stavros Schizas being present, but not participating the program and hence not following the team to Hungary.

Kostas Flevarakis will have the following players available to play:: JeQuan Lewis, Adam Smith, Thodoris Karras, Αpollon Tsochlas, Giannis Chatzinikolas, Vangelis Margaritis, Aaron Best, Antwaine Wiggins, Amanze Egekeze, Ζisis Sarikopoulos, Zane Knowles.

PAOK's coach talked about the team's opponent tomorrow as well as about the absence of Stavros Schizas.

«We are at the beginning of the competitions and it's only natural that what we know about our opponents is not clear enough. Falco Szombathely is a team that plays rather good at home and maybe not so good on the road. The fact that they eliminated Oradea and Ventspils in the qualifying rounds shows that they are not a weak team.

From there on, we are in a process of trying to get better every day in terms of chemistry and roles, while some of the guys have begun finding rhythm. We want to build on what we did defense wise against Besiktas and against Panathinaikos in terms of offense. We need to remain focused for 40 minutes, ready for the way they've playing, that is switching a lot when screening the ball. Our goal is to try for the victory, at the same time aiming to improving as a team".

In regard to the absence of Stavros Schizas, as well as the back to back games in Greece and in Europe: «I have said before that we are not many this season and Stavros will not be with us for this game. Back to back games are a problem that we need to learn how to cope with. Given our circumstance, we have been trying hard to help the guys through rotation. We are not a team to give up a game and I think we proved that against Panathinaikos. That's this team's DNA, which we try to inject to the players».

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