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Jordan Sibert: «It was a perfect opportunity for me to get those kids motivated»

Jordan Sibert started off his morning in a different way, by visiting the Pinewood American International School in Thessaloniki. The American guard got welcomed by the former basketball player of PAOK mateco Kostas Kakaroudis, which is a trainer in that school and got the

opportunity to share his experience as a person, athlete and a life coach. He met many youngsters trying to find a motive about their adult life but also their future in sports. Jordan was pleasant to talk about the injury that made him try harder for his basketball career and the adjustment he had to make coming overseas, apart of his family. After his speech was over, everyone had a small talk with him, took some photographs and in the end Jordan Sibert shared his thoughts in by saying:

«I had an amazing experience talking to the kids! I haven’t done that in three or four years so it was a perfect opportunity for me to talk with them, have a great response and get them motivated. Everything about the school was amazing and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Hopefully, the kids get the chance to watch the second game of our teams battle for the third place on Wednesday. It is a big game against Peristeri and we absolutely need the fans to come and support us like they always do, to keep moving forward. It is a big adjustment but we have to get this win and we need y’all. See you there»!

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