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Social Responsibility Program

PAOK is a lot more than just a team and its activities could not be contained merely within the court lines. Our Social Responsibility Program aims at worthy social causes that can have an impact on as many people as possible and urge them to follow the same path.  PAOK BC has been, is and always will be next to the people in need. Yearly visitations with pediatric clinics, the SOS Children’s Village and the “Melissa” orphanage are the least of what we can do to make kids smile. These actions often take place in collaboration with the team’s official sponsors, who take initiative so as the kids to have the chance to get to meet with their role models up close and personal.

Each year, together with the Amateur Club of PAOK, PAOK FC and the Club’s Volleyball department, PAOK BC participates the collection of food that is then dispensed to families in need and to the social Groceries of the city, through the joint Club endeavor “PAOK celebrates and contributes”.  

PAOK BC, led by the team’s history and with a feeling of responsibility towards the fans, will be always supportive of our vulnerable citizens, promoting athletic spirit and solidarity that are the common traits of our Club. 



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