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The PAOK BC Museum opened its doors in the VIP hall of the PAOK Sports Arena in 2015. The exhibits include the trophies won by the basketball team of PAOK shining a bright light on its history.

Visiting the Museum is a virtual dive into the past. Photos of all the PAOK basketball teams from the foundation of the club through today as well as old newspaper clippings, impeccably preserved, following historical games of our team. Unique artifacts are also exhibited in the Museum, like the ball of the Trieste final singed by every player on the team, together with banners of significant opponents. Jerseys could not be left out of the Museum of course, that take a central position in the Museum of PAOK BC. Jerseys with historical significance, jerseys of the team’s star player, as well as some very unique ones, like the one worn by PAOK in the midst of the ‘70s for its European games.

The PAOK BC Museum is a legacy to the team’s future.

Apart from the PAOK BC’s archives and the contribution of those related to the team with a very special bond, as players, coaches or members of the administration, the team fans have contributed to the Museum collection offering rare objects and tickets from important games of the team.

The project of designing and constructing of the basketball team’s Museum was materialized by the ANADOMO Company, official sponsor of PAOK BC.



You can contact PAOK museum:

For further details, you can call at +302310472551, Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 18:00.


Phone numbers: +30 2310 472551, +30 2310 472561
FAX: +30 2310 476313

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