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PAOK retires the jersey with number “7”

He came into our life in the summer of 1988, wore the black and white jersey and became a major figure in our team’s history.

Two European titles (Cup Winners Cup, Korac Cup), one Greek Championship and a Greek Cup as well but also a participation in two European Cup Finals and the Final Four, which was located in Athens.

Bane Prelevic guided our team in remarkable moments with great teammates, coaches, administration members and the whole insuperable PAOK fans and family. He put his signature in the team’s leading moments in history.

He retired from basketball 23 years ago and it has been 23 years since his last official game with the jersey of PAOK. The time has come!

With a great sense of responsibility in the club’s history, PAOK mateco BC will honour the one and only Bane Prelevic by retiring the jersey with number 7, which will take a place at PAOK Sports Arena, next to the pennons of our team’s seven titles!

The ceremony for Bane’s honour and the retirement of his jersey with number “7”, will be accomplished on Saturday 1st of April 2023, before the beginning of the game against AEK.

In the meantime, more announcements regarding the event and the game’s limited tickets will follow. Stay tuned…

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