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Yannick Franke is the MVP of the week

Yannick Franke was the leading player of PAOK mateco in an easy victory against Lavrio with 93-68 and his stunning performance and statistics led him to be the most valuable  player of the week!

The Dutch guard of PAOK mateco achieved 30 points which are more than any player of Basket League that had competed in this weekend for the 14th round. In particular, his high ranking was the hint that gave him the title of MVP!

Franke’s statistics were flawless: 7/7 free throws, 4/4 two points, 5/10 three points, got 6 rebounds, asserted 1 assist, did 3 steals, earned 7 fouls and made 2 mistakes , while he was competing for only 23 minutes and 21 seconds!

Yannick Franke became the second MVP player in PAOK mateco during this season, since Jaylen Hands was the one who had preceded with his remarkable performance in the game against Karditsa!

Meanwhile, Franke happens to be the first player in our team after 3 years, who had achieved 30 points in one game. The previous player was Adam Smith in a Basketball Champions League game, whereas Will Hatcher was the one who exceeded the 30 points in the Greek League’s Championship the season 2018-19. However, both of them had competed more than Yannick on Sunday’s game.

Adam Smith needed 34 minutes in court so he can achieve 31 points and lead PAOK to a victory (93-78) against Casademond Zaragoza 20/11/2019, while Will Hatcher required 33’ 58’’ so he can hit 37 points and guide PAOK in an away win (78-88) against Rethymnon at 19/1/2019. Franke reached 30 points in any less than 24 minutes!

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