The last #BeechBlog of the season, a big "thank you" to PAOK and the proposal to Emma...
He is back! Ok, not exactly, but we are very happy to enjoy together the last #BeechBlog of the season. Beau Beech sends from USA a big "thank you" to all the PAOK family and shares a great personal moment: the proposal to his fiance Emma. She said yes!! 

@ Home 01/06/2021
Helllllooooooooo summer! It’s been a while since we last checked in with each other and I had to make sure I didn’t miss anything so it was perfect! But, all good things come to an end eventually And this is the final #BeechBlog? of the 2020-2021 season...Before we get to anything else I just want to say what a great time I had in Thessaloniki, even during Covid lockdown ?, and thank everyone in the PAOK organization and my teammates for a memorable season! ??. We will see what the future holds, but I know for fact that I will hold onto these memories this season forever! So thank you all! ??????

You might be sitting down reading this and thinking to yourself “beau, what have you been up to?”  Well, I’ve been quite busy since I departed Thessaloniki! I attended one of my best friends weddings from college with some of my college teammates (University of North Florida)  

Shoutout to Zack and Jill on finally getting their dream wedding done! ??

Oh It doesn’t stop there! After the wedding, Emma and I traveled back to Kentucky to help move her out of her apartment and get her to Florida for the summer! 

0106beau van
Sooooo Yeah as you can see that’s a big moving truck ? we had to move a lot of stuff, but BIG thanks to Emma parents for the help, can’t thank them enough! ❤️❤️

As some of you may know already, I proposed to my girlfriend Emma just a few days ago and she did say yes ?❤️ lol. Her brother, mom and dad joined us on the golf course near her parents home in Kentucky and started playing a round (so Emma thought) but after 4 holes we came up to a Par 3 over water and before she tees off I go to set her ball up but instead get on one knee and, to her surprise, propose ? her whole family was in on it and were filming/taking photos of the moment! It went just as planned and Emma had no idea! So now ya boy has a Fiancé ?❤️ love you babe! 


Currently, as I write this blog, we are in the middle of South Carolina somewhere ?driving back to see my parents, siblings and baby niece (as previously written about). It will be a great summer with my fiancé ? and family in Jacksonville!

Thank you all for sticking around this long to read it all! Hopefully the photos make it worth it! ??

Anyways y’all know the deal, catch ya *later* #BeechBlog ?

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