Charalampidis: «We want a double celebration on Saturday»

Kostas Charalampidis talked about the game against Zaragoza for the 6th day of the 4th group of the Basketball Champions League.

PAOK’s coach said that he asked his players not to celebrate tonight, but rather to wait for the Saturday game against Rethymno, at the same time pointing out that PAOK is a club that cannot but play to win in every game.

«First of all, I would like to congratulate my players for the effort and the concentration they had for 40 minutes and to thank the fans for coming to the gym to support us. They really helped us to overcome some difficult moments in the game».

About the third consecutive victory at home with a high score: «This team has certain characteristics in terms of potential. We tried to exploit on everyone’s assets. If it takes to score 95 points to win, then we’ll do that. The guys played focused, according to what we had said and I think that a large part of our victory is due to our defense».

On whether this victory changes anything in terms of the Basketball Champions League and the way the team responds to it: «The organization of PAOK, where ever it may be playing, should be aiming to win, regardless of money or problems. This club is to too big to not aim to win at every game».

On whether he was able to predict these results when he was taking over as a head coach:

«When I took over, I was only focusing on the next 2 or 3 days. I wasn’t looking that far. The schedule is very demanding. What I asked from the players, is not to celebrate this victory but go for a double celebration on Saturday».

On whether he sees things to change for the better under his direction and what it is he thinks need to improve further:

«There are many things that need to improve. The most pleasant thing is that I have to deal with a group of people that are excellent associates, because to me, they are my associates. I try to simplify basketball the most I can, so we all have clear roles. When I thank my players for the victory, I thank them for their focus in both the practices and the games».

About the energy and whether the team is going to continue showing it: «We need these wins to prove to the guys that their effort will pay off. Energy has to do with the fact that we are a technical staff that will offer all it got, we have a trainer that we work in absolute harmony with and decide when the players need to rest».

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