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Franke: "The key is to stay focused to your goals"

Someone could call Yannick Franke a natural born scorer. That was also proven yesterday when he easily scored 35 points and led PAOK mateco to the 11th victory of the Greek League but also awarded as the MVP of the week in Basket League.

Today, it is a resting day for the whole team but the Dutch guard enjoys his day off by trying to finish his MA in Sports Management. The combination of professional basketball and online studying at Johan Cruyff Institute, it’s not easy at all. However, Yannick has a goal to succeed in both of them.

His basketball and studying obligations always keep him in balance and like he said in «the key is to sleep well and stay focused to your goals». So, after the game against AC Karditsas and his MVP award of the game, he referred to the hint that helps him in shooting, about the next games and also explained what a jersey retirement would mean for himself, referring to the celebration of Bane Prelevic. 

How important is for the team the two continuous victories against a Euroleague team such as Panathinaikos and also with Karditsa?

«I think we all know how much important these two continuous victories are. Our team has a standing’s advantage because Aris lost from Lavrio, so we’re in a good position. That gives us a nice head start for the fourth and the fifth position. It wasn’t an easy game but even in the harder ones, you have to win. Congratulations to our team’s performance even though it wasn’t “pretty” at all time, the job was done for today».

How do you think the team has improved from the start of the League    while the ending of the season?

«We’ve got for sure more experience. I do feel we had some adjustments but our coach helped us improve that. It’s really important that we managed to win Panathinaikos and Karditsa. Day by day we’re getting more improved and I think we are getting more and more into the system and find our roles and our spots. That’s the most important. It’s also the family spirit we have between us, every player is a nice guy and nobody’s trying to make more than the others. The coaching staff did a good job scouting us at first, regarding of our characteristics».

How a natural born scorer like you feels after scoring 35points?

«Τhat’s a nice name to call someone! I’m happy that I scored 35 points because it is not something that happens every night, at least not for me and especially two times in one season. That was really close to my career high, which was 36 points back home. I might know what have helped me improve in my shooting skills. I bought a basketball shooting machine and maybe it paid me off. Sometimes you have those days and I feel like the shooting machine was bought for a purpose and it was paid off already, within 3 weeks. It’s a combination with my daily routine that helps me stay focused.

My everyday routine is staying at home, being in bed by 12, sleeping well and not going out to the city. I think that’s the secret. Of course, you’ll have holidays and funny days too you but also stay low-key and focus to your goals. I will say something which sounds clise but the work still continues for me. Tomorrow is a new day, on Tuesday we will have the first practice of the week and I’ll go back to my shooting machine and play like a little boy with a toy. Despite of that, I will also use my day off finishing an assignment for my MA on Sports Management.

How should we expect to see PAOK mateco in the next games that are on the way?

We already know that the away game against Olympiacos will be tough. The next against AEK will also determine our standings. We just have to see how we will match up in the play off, on the Greek League. About the game against AEK, I know that a former basketball player of PAOK, Bane Prelevic will retire his jersey.  We also have jersey retirements back home. I know for sure that the jersey goes on top of the court, before the game. Congratulations to Mr. Prelevic because jersey retirement it’s a big deal. I feel like is basically a recognition for someone that has put a lot of effort to one club. I’m looking forward to see the whole procedure!

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