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Telekom Baskets Bonn-PΑΟΚ: 83-85

PAOK won an important game in Germany, topping Telekom Baskets Bonn 83-85 for the 7th day of the 4th group of the Basketball Champions League. The team’s captain, Vangelis Margaritis, in his 300th game wearing the PAOK jersey, gave our team the victory scoring with 12’’ on the clock, hence putting PAOK back again into the qualification game.

PAOK did not begin the game well, getting ‘stuck’ offensively in the second half of the first quarter, resulting in Telekom Baskets Bonn leading the score 25-15 at 10’.

Upon starting the second quarter, the Germans got to lead by 12 points, but PAOK changed its offensive behavior and with 7/8 threes during that time, got to close in even at 3 (46-43), before the first half ended with Telekom at the driver’s seat (50-45).

In the third quarter, PAOK continued scoring with very good percentages from the perimeter, and thus, not only got to lead 59-60, but also succeeded in taking a +9 lead (64-73). Nevertheless, the Germans ran a partial 5-0 and closed in 69-73 at the end of the third quarter.

The streak for Telekom continued into the fourth quarter and Bonn tied the score (73-73), but PAOK did not lose control of the game. With a bucket by Aaron Best and a three by Adam Smith, PAOK led 73-78, but the Germans got ahead 81-78. The black and white did not give up though, tying the game with a three by Vangelis Margaritis and taking the lead (81-83) thanks to a hard earned two by Zane Knowles. Bonn once again tied the score, 83-83 this time, with 2 free throws by Martin Breunig, but PAOK found the winning shot from captain Vangelis Margaritis and got the 83-85 victgory, since the Germans missed in their last offensive attempt.

Τhe quarters: 25-15, 50-45, 69-73, 83-85

Telekom Baskets Bonn:  Saibou 2, Jones 6, Subotic 8 (1), Lischka 7, Frazier 11, DiLeo 9 (1), Breunig 14, Bartolo 10 (1), Simmons 6 (1), Zimmerman 10

ΠΑΟΚ: Lewis 12 (2), Smith 22 (6), Schizas 2, Τsochlas 6 (2), Μargaritis 17 (3),  Best 16 (3), Wiggins 4, Egekeze, Sarikopoulos 1, Knowles 5

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