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The qualification will be asserted in Thessaloniki

PAOK mateco lost with 77-63 in the game against Promitheas, at Patras. The series is now in 1-1 and on Sunday (30/4 ,15:45) a third game will take place in PAOK Sports Arena, so that our team can have one more chance for the qualification. In the third and last game of the series, it will be clear if our team will be included in the first four on standings!

Promitheas started off the game by leading with 6-1 but PAOK mateco had an answer with Margaritis and went ahead in the score (6-8), but the hosts were still controlling the game. Promitheas led with 18-11 and 20-13 as well, in the end of the first quarter while they maintained their lead until the end of the first half with a double-digit difference (41-29).

PAOK mateco had a bad shooting percentage (29%) with only 9 baskets after 31 attempts, but our team made a big effort to return in the second half. Jalen Riley contributed with 10 points in the third period so that our team could reduce to 6 (48-42 25’30’’), but that didn’t continue in the best possible way. Promitheas had a 9-2 run by having seven points from the free throws line and managed to grow the difference to 13 (57-44) in the end of the third quarter.

In the beginning of the fourth quarter, Promitheas was on top with 15 points (59-44). Riley had completed four fouls but he still helped PAOK mateco reduce to 10 (59-49), with a three-pointer. Due to the fact that the American guard ended up the game with 32 points and 7/9 three-pointers, PAOK mateco didn’t make it and after that loss, the series of the games is now transferring to Thessaloniki.

Quarters: 20-13, 41-29, 57-44, 77-63

PROMITHEAS: Cowan 19 (4), Dangubic 3 (1), Conditt 11, Plotas, Tsairelis 4, Mouratos 9 (1), Gkikas 4 (1), Lagios, Hogue 11, Thomasson 12 (1), Tanoulis 2, Kulboka 2.

PAOK mateco: Franke 5 (1), Riley 32 (7), Tsiakmas, Hands 5, Margaritis 5 (1), Polley 3, Slaftsakis, Sibert 4, Kaklamanakis 2, Kamperidis 2, Saloustros 3 (1), Renfro 2.


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