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PAOK mateco won Promitheas with 78-75 and made the 1-0 in playoff series

Christos Saloustros stepped up and finished the game with 18 points and 14 rebounds, while PAOK mateco made an important victory with 78-75 against Promitheas Patras. Our team made the 1-0 and is now ahead in the battle of the qualification in the semifinals of PLAYOFFS in Basket League.

The second game of the series will take place in Patras, on Wednesday 26/4 at 19:15 and PAOK mateco will be qualified in the semifinals, in case of a win…

Due to the fact that Promitheas was ahead with 0-5 in the beginning of the game, PAOK mateco had an answer for that and made a 6-0 lead, while was on top (6-5) and kept that rhythm until the end of the first quarter (17-13).

The three-pointer Tsiakmas paced the difference to seven points (20-13) and later on, PAOK mateco was ahead with +9 (26-17, 34-25). In the first half, our team was lacking in the three-point line while we had 1/12 shoot done. However, PAOK mateco managed to keep the lead and finish the first 20mins in +6 (38-32).

In the third quarter and the first five minutes, our team made some successful three-pointers so that the gap could be decreased to 9 (53-44). Yannick Franke came from behind the arc and provided two three-pointers, while he also reached the 14 points.

Meanwhile, the score was 56-47 and Promitheas stepped up with a 0-12 run and led with 56-59. That was maintained until the end of the third quarter (58-61).

Nate Renfro opened fire with his impressive dunk and just like that, PAOK mateco was again in charge (62-61). In the fourth quarter, Saloustros and Tsiakmas showed up with five continuous points so that our team could lead again with +8 (69-61 36’), by this 11-0 run! That was the first time that PAOK mateco reached to +10 (71-61) with a bucket from Margaritis!

Promitheas kept pushing and managed to get closer through one and a half minute, at first with Conditt (71-63) and then with the three pointer Thomasson which he reduced to 75-72 by also contributing to Promitheas 4-11 lead! The game was still a derby but the MVP of the game: Christos Saloustros and our captain Vangelis Margaritis made it clear with a decisive defense, that the victory belongs to PAOK mateco.

Quarters: 17-13, 38-32, 58-61, 78-75

PAOK mateco: Franke 18 (2), Riley 5, Tsiakmas 7 (1), Hands 3, Margaritis 5, Polley 4, Sibert 1, Kaklamanakis 4, Kamperidis 3 (1), Saloustros 18 (2), Renfro 10.

PROMITHEAS: Cowan 12 (2), Dangubic 8 (2), Conditt 14,Tsairelis 4, Mouratos 2,Gkikas 8 (2),Hogue 4, Thomasson 13 (3),Kulboka 10 (1).

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