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The unstoppable Franke leads PAOK mateco ahead with 87-79 against Karditsa

Yannick Franke was on fire. He collected 35 points and led PAOK mateco to a victory with 87-79 against AC Karditsas. Our team made a great effort and managed to have the 11th win in the Greek League, so PAOK could have a good position in the standings for the play off.

The hosts started off better the game while they were ahead with 11-19 but Polley stepped up with 5 continuous points and reduced to 16-19. After that, the three pointer Sibert provided the lead for PAOK mateco for the first time with 21-19.

Yannick Franke was on charge and finished the first half with 16 points, while PAOK mateco took the total control of the game and the difference extended for the first time to 10 points (37-27 15’) in the half of the second quarter. Just like that, PAOK mateco increased the gap to 12 points (47-35) and finished the first half by controlling the game and also by leading in the third period too (70-57).

Karditsa tried to step up on the game and decreased the difference to 6 (79-73 36’) with a subscore 9-17. Franke paced PAOK with 35 points and provided again a double-digit difference but the hosts found a way to extend the gap to 5 (84-79), without being a threat for our team.

Quarters: 21-19, 47-35, 70-57, 87-79

PAOK mateco: Franke 35 (7), Riley 3 (1), Tsiakmas, Hands 4, Margaritis 8, Polley 9 (1), Slaftsakis, Sibert 3 (1) , Kaklamanakis 6, Saloustros 5 (1), Renfro 14.

KARDITSA: Pridgett 13, Evans 16, Athinaiou, Hunter 11 (3), Agravanis 13 (1), Gkiouzelis 3 (1), West, Gabrovsek 3 (1), Sarikopoulos, Gallinat 20 (1).

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