Smith: «Τhe important thing is that we keep playing for 40 minutes»

PAOK’s top scorer, Adam Smith, represented the team’s players at the postgame after Happy Casa Brindisi.

His comments:

«It was wonderful for us, because we have many players that really fought tonight as well as during practices following the game on Saturday. Following games like that (i.e. defeat at the Greek Cup quarter finals) it’s important to hold your head high and the fact that we did that and won is the most important thing we need to keep from tonight’s game».About the ups and downs in the team’s performances:
«We need to look at the positives. The most important thing is to play throughout the 40 minutes, just like we did tonight. We got this through winning. That’s what we need to keep together with everything else positive the team showed tonight».About the fact that this was the first victory in a game with a close score:
«Tonight we really put our faith into one another. We had many players with two digit scoring. We had players that stepped up. Wiggins got critical rebounds and fought a great battle. That’s how we need to be playing every game. Either we play a second division team or a Basketball Champions League one.».

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