Flevarakis: «We came close to a big victory»

Kostas Flevarakis talked in the post-game conference about the game against Besiktas for the 1st day of the 2nd group of the Basketball Champions League.

PAOK’s coach talked about the last five minutes, when the team did not find score, as well as the intensity the players brought on the floor.

 “I think that tonight we came close to a big win. We kept close to the score for 35 minutes. What cost us was not the difference in the budget but rather the shorter time we had to prepare. It’s going to take double the work for this team to be able to perform up to its potential”.

About the intensity the team brought on the floor tonight:

“We had the same energy against Ionikos for 35 minutes. Maybe that intensity was one of the reasons we weren’t able to follow through in the last five minutes and we need to take a look at that. It’s not feasible to play like that all 40 minutes. But that’s what I want. When we combine energy, intensity and passion for 40 minutes, we can get big victories. We came close to that tonight”.

On the low three-point percentage and the performance of Vangelis Margaritis:

TheexplanationissimpleInthelastfiveminutesitsnotthethreesthathurtusThe team has a clear problem, executing even the simplest tasks. We find it difficult to even pass, screen or foul. We need to find a solution for these last five minutes at once. Threes in the last minutes of the game was maybe the easy solution for some guys that seemed to be running on fumes. We need to have greater balance, to have that, you need to have more guys at the low post. We have Vangelis Margaritis, but he’s still not 100%, either at practices or at the game. His importance on the team’s game is undisputed. He’s even more important this season, compared to previous ones”.  

About the choice to leave Tsochlas off the court during the last minutes of the game:

«Tsochlas has an enhanced role this season as well, but from there on, there are games and opponents to see how we have to deal with and we need to try with Smith at the point, because we need a constant threat to the opponent. This doesn’t have to do with Apollon, he’s someone I expect much more from in terms to previous years».

About whether he’s worried the team’s intensity disappeared once again in the last five minutes:

«It worries me. We want to win our fans and with team work and our fans in the stands, we can overcome adversity. At home, the team has to maintain even intensity levels to get as many victories as possible. Beyond analysis, I feel it’s kind of a pity for the whole of the PAOK organization and everyone trying, that regardless of budget disparities, the organization has the know how to maintain the team at a high level. It has a personal cost on me, if we could have started earlier, we would be talking different now. Imagine that the organization’s status changes and comes closer to that of other teams in the competition, what we would be capable of doing. Fans can help the players do some good things and get through this season as painlessly as possible».

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