JeQuan Lewis lands in Thessaloniki

JeQuan Lewis arrived in Thessaloniki a little after 20:30 tonight, the second American player who’s coming for PAOK. With a broad smile and excited from the prospect to be playing wearing the PAOK jersey, Lewis talked about his cooperation with the team and was crystal clear. 

«It was a very easy decision for me to accept PAOK’s offer. To tell you the truth, I was expecting for PAOK to make me an offer. I wanted to come and play for this team», Lewis said at first and went on: «I’m looking forward for the games to begin and play for all the competitions PAOK is participating. I like playing and it’s very good for the team to have so many games. I’m ready to do whatever the coach asks from me. I’ll be giving my team a lot of energy, I always play with passion, I can play fast and do whatever is needed to succeed».

Having already experienced the Basket League with the team of Kymi last season, JeQuan thinks he will be able to immediately adjust to his new environment: «I think it’s going to be easy for me to adjust, I have learned many things from my first season in Greece. I have learned many things about PAOK too, about the great history of the team, how important it is to be playing for PAOK and what I know need and have to do is to learn about my new team mates and coaches. To meet them and start working together».

JeQuan Lewis met the fans of the team during the Greek Cup semi-final in Chalkida. He remembered the impressive atmosphere PAOK’s fans had created and now he wants to send them a message: « Tough seasons are those that shape the playerscharacter. I believe that with the support of our fans and the effort everyone on the team is going to be making, we’ll be OK. On my part, I’m going to do the most I can to lead this effort and the only thing we need is to have the fans by our side throughout the season».

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