"This is the moment: Do or die..."

This is the last game between PAOK and AEK for this season. Beau Beech and the new #BeechBlog about a do or die game. Enjoy...

Round 1 - Game 3
@AEK 16/5/2021
Do or die. The season comes down to one final game. Win and advance to play Panathaikos. Lose and go home. This is the moment we have been building up to all season! We know it will be a tough and physical game at AEK. We must leave everything we have on the court if we want to come away with the win. Limiting our turnovers, defensive rebounding and as always we must make shots to put pressure on their offense to score are the biggest keys to they game. Both teams know what each other want to do and how individual players play so it comes down to who is going to execute better and who is more mentally tough for all 40 minutes! It should be a fun matchup to watch!

Let’s hope this isn’t the last game, or #BeechBlog?, of the season! So as always, y’all know the deal, catch ya next!

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