"It's playoffs time. The best time of the season"
Playoffs! That is all about! 
We are back for the final and most important part of the season. Beau Beech is back too, with his new #BeechBlog about the Greek League Playoffs, the best time of the season and the best moment of the week. A Greek restaurant by the sea! Enjoy...  

Round 1 - Playoffs
11/5/2021-15/5/2021 vs. AEK
Welcome back, welcome back! It’s playoffs time babyyyyy??? get hyped!!! Is there anything more that needs to be said? I think not!
It’s the best time of the season. Playoffs. All the hard work beginning from August when we had our first practice to now the day before the quarter final matchup vs AEK. Lots has happened thru the season, some of which is typical, some of which (Covid-19 ?) was not! But, none of that matters now as first team to win 2 games will advance to the Final 4. That’s all we can focus on, is winning 2 games. It will not be easy as we have not beaten AEK yet this season although we have had some close games! To try and get these wins against AEK we will need to be sharp for all 40 minutes of each game. They are very experienced and talented so we know they will not make many mistakes and for us we must be just as efficient to not give them any easy baskets.

It has been quite a while since our last game and last blog, almost 2 weeks! Wild to think, I know but hey we are here and ready to rumbleeeeeee! As my Greek people know the country opened restaurants and shops again just last week! It feels normal again, just with everyone wearing make ?? but I can’t complain I’m just glad we all can go out and have a bite to eat and enjoy a beautiful Greece sunset over the sea ?. Speaking of which we got the chance to have a full team dinner this week after practice! It was those moments all season that we missed out on so much as a team, eating and talking and getting to know each other better off the court that makes teams bond together even closer. Just last night a few of us (Dimitris, Nodas, both Manoli’s, Giorgos Tsalmpouris, Malcom and Jermaine) all went and got some great seafood near the sea and just hung out as friends ??. We had a ton of great food some of which I sent pictures to Emma and she was not particularly excited to try if she was here ??. But by far the best moment of the last week with Greece back “open” was being with the guys and just hanging out off the court!


P.S. And this photo of Manoli going in on some ice cream after all the rest of us were so full we couldn’t eat anymore ?

Anyways, y’all know the deal, catch ya next week in the Final 4 hopefully! #BeechBlog ?

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