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Vangelis Margaritis surpasses 2000 points scored with PAOK

The easy victory PAOK got against Kymi in Chalkida this past Saturday wasn't that a simple affair, but rather an afternoon full of records and important milestones, for the stats aficionados.

Apart from the scoring career high by Linos Chrysikopoulos with 29 points, and the 8 assists Vangelis Margaritis passed, that are also a career high, Saturday's game is of historic significance to the PAOK captain for one more reason.

With the 8 points Margaritis scored, he surpassed the 2000 point barrier wearing PAOK's jersey in the total of the competitions the team has been participating. Before the Saturday game, Margaritis had scored a total of 1994 points as a player of the team, since the 2012-13 season. With the 8 points he got to score, Margaritis reached 2002 points and a remarkable course that started rather timidly six years ago is evolving impressively.

Vangelis Margaritis has scored 2002 wearing the PAOK colors in a total of 272 games and more specifically…

He has scored 1444 in 186 Greek League games

He has scored 470 points in 75 European competitions game with PAOK and 88 points in 11 Greek Cup games. In one of these 11 games, the game against Aris during the 2013-14 season, Margaritis had scored 23 points, which is a career high for him in all official games he had played with PAOK.

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