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Charalampidis: «We have a duty to overcome adversity»

Kostas Charalampidis talked to the Media representatives during the Media Day that was held at the “PAOK Sports Arena” in view of the game against Falco Szombathely for the 9th day of the 4th group for the Basketball Champions League.


"Previous game days have shown that the group is a very close one. I think we still have a chance at qualifying and we need to go for it. Tomorrow's game falls into that framework and I think we'll be trying to the end to qualify".


About the fact that Falco Szombathely has won four games at home and lost four on the road: «Falco Szombathely is a very good team, with very good operation on both ends of the floor. It's not random that they have won all its home games and is competitive to the last minute on the road. We have to be really serious and strict about what it is we need to be doing. They are a team that although at first seemed to be not at the same level with the others, has proven to deserve our respect».

About the competitive and mental state of the team: «European game, apart from the goal, that is to qualify to the next round, help us move to the next day. Following the defeat at Lavrio, we want to use this game so that the players get into rhythm. I believe we can create the circumstances that will allow us to overcome adversity that we have to face both on and off the court".

About whether the pressure is bigger in regard to the League games: «Pressure is a given for a professional and constant as well. What we need to be doing, is to overcome these adversities that come our way. I think that in terms of the Greek League, we'll reverse the existing climate. Our team is not one to have only won three games, neither should we indulge in self pity nor be in a bad place psychologically speaking. We haven't lost a game that could really hurt us yet, and I think that the more time goes by, we'll be getting better ».

About the re-enforcement of the team: «I know that the administration is doing the best they can to that end ».

About the areas the team needs re-enforcement: «The important thing is to reach a point when we can say that we can succeed re-enforcement, because we all know the difficulties this entails. From there on, there is a plan, that is the secondary thought right now, because the administrative part precedes and then we will see what we can do».

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