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Charalampidis: «We need to play stronger and improve»

Kostas Charalampidis stressed after the game against Besiktas, that PAOK should have played stronger, especially in defense, since the way the team played, there was no way to win the game.

“I believe that the way we played, first of all defense wise, we couldn’t have had the chance to win. We were terrible in defense, allowed too many easy passes and many open threes to the opponent, who got to score a total of 17 points. The thing is, nevertheless, that we allowed them to score that many threes, since most of them had been open. We are not this kind of a team, we need to play stronger. We have many games ahead of us and we need to improve. Closing, I would like to thank on behalf of all our team, the fans that traveled today from Thessaloniki to be by our side”.

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