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Franke: «I always wanted to chase my dream and go further»

Yannick Franke was the leading player of PAOK mateco in the victory against Lavrio and the result of his excellent performance was him being awarded as an MVP of the week. The Dutch guard spoke about this distinction in and also justified his family contribution in his career, while he sent a message for all the PAOK fans.

You were awarded as the MVP of the week for the 14 round of Greek Basket League, is this something special for you?

«It is a special distinction, which of course doesn’t happen to you everyday but I prefer staying focused in my goals. I already know this is the second time that a player of PAOK becomes an MVP, Hands came before. It is an emphatic award that can also distract you from your goals because all it matters is what you do in practice every day and in the court. That’s the result of that, it means we are doing a good job and it is a nice confirmation. I have competed in other tough Leagues too and I can confirm that it’s nice to have this kind of distinctions and competitions like All Star Game which was my first time ever, outside of Holland».

Shortly before coming in PAOK you made a statement saying: «Every country demands different things and abilities, so you can be adjusted and reciprocate». From your point of you, what are the things that Greece and the Greek Basketball League demands?

«It demands a lot of focus and patience. In Greece there are very emotional people, which is positive a lot of times. For example, I did an amazing first round and above my expectations and I got more expectations after that because of what was happening around. People were cheering us up about the way we were playing and then a big setback happened in the Play-in against Rytas for the Basketball Champions League. So I understood that things can sometimes turn quickly but it’s all about highs and lows. You can’t always be high, you have to experience being lower too. First you see the rain, in order to enjoy the sunshine again. Those three weeks we’ve been through, showed us how humble we have been and have to keep on like that.  We are ready for the upcoming games in the Greek League and of course the Cup».

How much can influence your basketball journey and the difficulties that you might have been through, the fact that you have a supportive family?

«Basketball is a family tradition for us and I hope I will manage to look like them as a parent, in the future. I remember the first time I announced to them that I wanted to leave abroad, which at that time I hadn’t finished my university yet and I was still playing basketball in Holland. They asked me «Are you sure? » I promised to them that I will finish my university and that I will keep going, which is what I eventually  did. All I ever wanted was to the chase my dream and try to see if I can go further. They know me as person and that I would keep my promise, so they put trust in me since the very first time. They always come and visit, wherever I go and see what I’m doing, how it is going. One more thing that contributes in a positive way is that they are always calling me, after every game and check how I’m doing and if  everything is alright. They have always been next to me in highs and lows. In general, it is really tough to travel abroad apart of your family and live alone, so their support it’s important. Although, I sometimes enjoy being alone».

Is there any message you want to deliver to PAOK fans?

« I’m truly grateful that every time they are cheering me and our team up. They are next to us in every game. It’s going to be an important second half of the season with a lot of home games for us to win, give a good presence in the Cup and secure a spot on top of the Greek Basketball League».

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