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Jordan Sibert: "I feel glad that I returned"

Jordan Sibert is back to PAOK mateco after his unexpected departure in the season 2016-2017, due to an injury he had in his shoulder. He participated in the games with Partizan and the important qualification in Belgrade, but unfortunately his injury kept him out of the games with Tenerife that followed.  After almost six years, he returned and he is in Greece already. Just before his first practise, he spoke about the second time wearing black and white. 

"I feel like I had an unfinished business. Being injured was tough, especially because we were in the playoffs, we had beat Partizan and while we were battling with AEK, I was injured in my shoulder. I felt like I was leaving the team , so I have for sure many things to prove, that's why I'm back. Hopefully, I will go further than what we did when I was here last time. I felt glad when I heard that PAOK wants me back and felt lucky for the chance I was given, because I love the city combined with such a good team, so I'm really excitedthe American guard commented and also was asked about the way that he thinks we will help the team and the youngsters. "I feel like my age will help the younger guys in the team. Also, my shooting and scoring ability will show them different ways. I would like to guide and advise them in the court, as much as I can. So I will just use my experience so they could be helped by me, in areas they may strugle".

At last, he commented the fact that he will be a teammate for the second time with Vaggelis Margaritis by saying: "know Vaggelis is still here and I feel for sure more familiar. He is such a great teemmate and I am happy that he is in PAOK again".

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