PΑΟΚ-Brindisi: 95-91

PAOK won a Basketball Champions League game for the first time this season, besting Happy Casa Brindisi 95-91 for the 5th day of 4th group.

The two teams were close throughout the game, hence the fact that neither team was able to get a difference bigger than +7 at any time in the game!

Adam Smith was the one to spearhead PAOK’s offence with 10 points (2/3 threes) and the two teams were tied 23-23. In the second quarter, JeQuan Lewis took over, having scored 11 points by the end of the first half, which was also tied 45-45.

Happa Casa Brindisi got to lead 52-59 at 25΄, but PAOK replied with a 12-0 run, which started with two threes by Aaron Best and led PAOK to the drivers’ seat (64-59, at 27’). Happy Casa Brindisi was leading 70-72 at the end of the third quarter, following two free throws by Kelvin Martin after the clock had expired.

Brindisi was also leading up to the middle of the fourth quarter, and even got a 6 point lead at 35’ (75-81), when also our captain Vangelis Margaritis got fouled out. PAOK reacted and with score by Zane Knowles, JeQuan Lewis and Adam Smith, got ahead 89-86 at 38’, while Antwaine Wiggins scored a critical basket 49’’ before the end making the score 91-86. The win for PAOK came with a 95-91 score.

The quarters: 23-23, 45-45, 70-72, 95-91

PΑΟΚ: Lewis 18 (1), Smith 27 (3), Schizas 2, Κarras, Τsochlas 2, Chatzinikolas, Μargaritis 4, Best 19 (2), Wiggins 9, Egekeze, Sarikopoulos 3, Knowles 11.

Happy Casa Brindisi: Brown 19, Banks 15 (2), Martin 23 (2), Radosavljevic 2, Zanelli 3 (1), Gaspardo 5, Campogrande 3 (1), Thompson 10 (1), Stone 8, Ikagni 3 (1)

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