Falco Szombathely-PΑΟΚ: 76-66

PAOK lost in Hungary to Falco Szombathely (76-66) for the 2nd day of the 4th group of the Basketball Champions League. The two teams remained close score wise for 36’, however, PAOK was not good in the last five ones resulting in losing the game.  

PAOK was better in the first quarter and with Amanze Egekeze and Aaron Best succeeded in leading 11-20, to finally close the first quarter at +4 (16-20).

The game remained a closed in the second quarter, but PAOK succeeded in getting in the driver’s seat and lead 32-36 at 20’, thanks to a buzzer beater by Aaron Best.

Falco Szombathely got to lead for the most part of the third quarter, but PAOK regained it initially thanks to Apollon Tsochlas and then with a bucket and one by Antwaine Wiggins 5.6’’ before the end of the 3rd quarter (55-56).

The outlook of the game remained the same up to 36΄, when Falco was ahead (63-62). However, in the final minutes of the game, PAOK ‘blacked out’ in regard to his offensive game, allowing the hosts to score easy baskets in open court and hence was defeated 76-66.

Τhe quarters: 16-20, 32-36, 55-56, 76-66

Falco Szombathely: Reddic 8, Washington 2, Perl 23 (3), Varadi 8 (1), Benke 15 (1), Hooker 10, Lake 2, Filipovity 8 (1)

PΑΟΚ: Lewis 3, Smith 13 (2), Τsochlas 8 (1), Chatzinikolas, Μargaritis 1, Best 11 (2), Wiggins 9, Egekeze 11 (3), Sarikopoulos 4, Knowles 6

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