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PAOK mateco – Peristeri Bwin: 64-81 and 2-0 in the series

The second game between PAOK mateco and Peristeri Bwin was evolved with the visitors achieving their second victory with 64-81. They now have a lead in the series of the battle for the third place, in Basket League.

Our team started off the game in a better way, with a 24-15 lead before the end of the first quarter (24-17) and maintained that until the half of the second quarter (30-27 16’). However, the lead changed hands and Peristeri with a 2-14 run changed the image of the game. The visitors went ahead with 32-41 in 19’ and headed off to the locker rooms with the control of the game, by their side.

PAOK mateco tried to bounce back and at some point, it was achieved with the deficit being reduced to 52-56, in the end of the third quarter. Sadly, the game evolved differently, as two players which put effort Saloustros and Sibert were off due to some injuries they had in shoulder and the back as well. So, it became more difficult for our team to recover while the visitors dominated in the game and achieved to win with 64-81 and 2-0 as far as the series.

Quarters: 24-17, 33-41, 52-56, 64-81

PAOK mateco: Franke 16, Riley 7 (1), Tsiakmas 2, Hands 5 (1), Margaritis 7 (1), Polley 1, Slaftsakis, Sibert 4, Kaklamanakis 9, Kamperidis 2, Saloustros 9 (1), Renfro 2.

PERISTERI Bwin: Bilan 14, Franscisco 13, Coleman 2, Moraitis 17 (3), Radanov, Pouliantis 2, Denmon 17 (2), Kaselakis 5 (1), Persidis 3 (1) Chοugkaz 4, Hummer 4.

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