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Peristeri Bwin- PAOK mateco: 71-65 and 1-0 as far as the series

PAOK mateco reached the half way to the break and the away victory that is being demanded for the third place in PLAYOFFS. Our team couldn’t complete its effort against Peristeri Bwin, which they managed to dominate with 71-65 and a 1-0 lead, in the first game of the 3rd place Finals in Basket League.

PAOK mateco will now has to equalize the series between Peristeri Bwin and that effort will take place in PAOK Sports Arena, on Wednesday (7/6 19:15).

The hosts were dominant most of the time, however without having a big lead. They started by being ahead with 13-8 5’, continued with a 20-15 through the end of the first quarter and PAOK mateco was still alive, not allowing a run from the opponent. Tsiakmas was the three-pointer who slashed the deficit to 3 (31-28 15’30’’) and maintained that rhythm until the end of the first half (37-33).

PAOK mateco slipped ahead for the first time (48-49 26’) and the lead changed hands. Our team captain Vangelis Margaritis got round his marker and Jordan Sibert found solutions in offense, while our team maintained the lead (56-57) until the end of the third quarter.

Later on, our team pulled away to 60-63 with Hands contributing but Kaselakis made a tie (63-63) and our team scored zero points in the last four and half minutes. Meanwhile, Peristeri made a 8-2 run which a lot of mistakes had happened, while the lead and the victory was eventually achieved by the hosts!

Quarters: 20-15, 37-33, 56-57, 71-65

PERISTERI Bwin: Bilan 21, Franscisco, Coleman 5 (1), Moraitis 2, Radanov 6 (1), Pouliantis 2, Denmon 13 (2), Kaselakis 15 (1), Chοugκaz 5(1), Hummer 2.

PAOK mateco: Franke 12 (1), Riley, Tsiakmas 10 (2), Hands 8 (2), Margaritis 15 (2), Polley, Slaftsakis, Sibert 13 (3), Kaklamanakis 2, Kamperidis, Saloustros 4, Renfro 1.

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