The 1st business forum "basketball to business success"

The 1st business forum "basketball to business success" organized by PAOK BC at the Makedonia Palace hotel was a huge success.

All the major sponsors of the Club were present, as well as representatives of companies who are potential partners.

On the speaker panel were the President of PAOK Bc, Bane Prlelevic, the owner and CEO of WATT+VOLT, Anastsios Papanagiotou, the CEO of Basketball Champions League, Patrick Comninos, the Sales Manager of Sponsor Value, Yannis Bikas, the Vice President of LOUX Marlafekas, Platon Marlafekas, the founder and CEO of ANADOMO, Nikos Konstantinidis, the President of Menarini Hellas, Georgios Sykianakis and the Sports Marketing and Communication Lecturer at the University of Loughborough, Elisavet Manoli , while the forum was greeted by the President of HEBA, Vangelis Galatsopoulos.


In the background of the event, Bane Prelevic talked to the Media about the 1st business forum organized by PAOK BC, as well as about the invaluable help of the Savvidis family.


About his take from the forum and the goals of PAOK BC: «I'm very happy from the attendance and the companies that are here. I don't know the exact number, but we have all our sponsors here, as well as many companies that are not in business with us yet but can be potential partners.

What we want is to change the word sponsor with that of partner. Many relationships can develop around a team, commercial ones and more. We want to change the way we collaborate with businesses, but it takes time and organizing in terms of doing that. We have to have the proper organization so that PAOK BC can be self financed up to a certain point".

About the commercial commodity of basketball in nowadays: «With proper organizing, basketball can be a seller. I have attended many sports forums, and everyone is saying the same thing. The ticket is merchandise. Having a good team is not enough to bring the fans close and keep them close. You have to come close to the fans, talk to them, convince them to come to the gym and keep them coming».

About his "tour" in Germany and England as well as his talks with the Savvidis family: «Results are quite encouraging, we should have done this earlier on, because all of this moves need to time to come to fruition. In regard to the Savvidis family, I want to take the opportunity and help them once again, for being by our side. Our wish is that they remain by our side for as long as they choose, but at the same time, because you can never depend on any one person, that's what I've been taught by experience, our Company needs organizing, have the proper associates, produce revenue and up to a point to be able to function with its own mechanism».

About his talks with the fans of PAOK that live abroad: «What I have come to realize up to now, talking to the fans and mainly talking to the organized ones, because only through fan clubs you can get to meet with a bulk of people, is that I had not assessed the situation correctly, I should have done something like that earlier on. You need to be in tough, talk to the people, agree or disagree, just like we are talking right now and say that just like businesses need a certain training, it's the same with the fans, you need to listen to them and find out what it is they like and what they don't».

On whether there are dangers for the team up to the end of the season: «As long as we have the Savvidis family by our side, there is no danger about anything. Our talks are at a very good level». 

On whether there have been talks with the Savvidis family about the next season: «No. I have said it many times; we need to respect their wish. We shouldn't be pushing things; results are going to be coming ».

On whether there are any developments whatsoever in view of summer time: «No, nothing at all and that's something that troubles us all, both those of us that are leaving or those who are staying. One reason that all these actions take place is to secure the next day for the team. In sports and especially with basketball, a competition success does not secure the next day in financial terms. Personally, instead of worrying and fretting about what's to come, I try through actions to do whatever I can so that we see something ahead of us».

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