Uncle Beau about PAOK and baby Laura!

Beau Beech is back again, but this time he is writting in his #BeechBlog an uncle! Great news and Congrats! Uncle Beau about last game of the regular season and baby Laura... Enoy!

Game day 22, @ Messolonghi 28/4/2021
The regular season finale for the #BeechBlog has arrived, but do not worry, it will not be the last as we have secured the 5th position in the playoffs! THE BLOG CONTINUES 😎🙌🏼 but before we get too far ahead of ourselves let’s look at this final game. We travel to Messolonghi with the hopes of finishing the regular season on a winning note to give us some momentum heading Into the playoffs! We need to be focused and energetic right from the tip! It is not an easy place to play so for us to control the tempo and defensive rebound will be huge keys for us to come away with the win!

baby laura

In other exciting news, ya boy has become an Uncle👨🏻‍🦳... My sister, Olivia, gave birth to a little girl, Laura Rose Jabbor, this past week back home in Jacksonville! Olivia and the baby are doing well and are strong, healthy and have been home for a few days adjusting to the new life! Hopefully baby Laura is letting my sister and her husband get some sleep at night😅😂

Anyways, y’all know the deal, catch ya next week #BeechBlog😎 #UncleBeau👨🏻‍🦳

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