Huge game VS Peristeri, spring, Florida and sunny days in Greece!
We arre back with h huge home game against Peristeri. Our blogger, Beau Beech is back again and he wants to share with you a lot. His thoughts about Sunday's game, Spring, Florida and more! Enjoy...

Game day 21
Vs. Peristeri 11/4/2021
After a come from behind *game winning 3 point shot from Malcolm ???* on the road last week we now have a derby matchup (5th vs. 6th) in standings against Peristeri, at PAOK sports arena! This is a HUGE game for both side as we each look to improve our playoff positioning with only a few games left in the regular season. It won’t be easy for us, peristeri hs lots of talent, experience and athleticism on their roster. Also, they play tough and aggressive defense. It will take an all around effort, offensively and defensively, from everyone to come away with the win and secure the 5th position for the playoffs!

As for off the court, I know you guys can smell it in the air ? it’s SPRING time! I hope I didn’t just jinx it... ? Well for some people you might be sneezing a lot because of spring time with allergies ? lol. But as of the last week it’s been sunny and warm(er)?.  Ya love to see it! Now if we could just get covid under control so we can go outside and enjoy the good weather a little bit!!!! However, being from Florida, I can’t stand missing out on good weather and sunshine especially. So, I’ve been using the balcony at my apartment to some sun each morning before it gets blocked by the buildings ?. Makes me feel like I’m “out and about” enjoying the sunshine ??‍♂️. “Fake it till ya make it”, right Emma? ?

Anyways, y’all know the deal, catch ya next week #BeechBlog ?

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