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Jordan Sibert: The last blog...


Well to start off, I just want to thank God for this season. It's been an amazing journey for me and I hope that it has been great for the fans as well. I've learned so much about not only myself but about Greek culture and European style basketball.

PAOK’s history and tradition is first class and it has been a blessing that I am able to be a part of this tradition. The fans here are amazing. When they come out and support it's gets crazy in that gym. The coaching staff here and staff in general are phenomenal. They make you feel like you are family and have been family forever.

We have a tough game versus Olympiacos this weekend but we will be ready. As you know, my injury may have set me back a bit, and I can’t help my teammates, but this team is built with tough guys. They pick it up and keep it moving and that's what you need to win.

This program is great and has been great to me from the moment I landed in Thessaloniki.

This city is wonderful and I'm glad we have been able to make you proud by advancing in Basketball Champions League and now in Greek League when playoff time comes.

Unfortunately because of my injury I am going back home now, to get my shoulder looked at by my doctors in America. The chances of me returning for the play offs are against me. It’s saddens me, but it’s out of my hands. I’m leaving a great situation and I only hope to come back. Maybe even next season why not. pamePAOK

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