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Jordan Sibert: «My recovery and the March Madness»


It’s been 20 days since the game against AEK, during which Jordan Sibert dislocated his shoulder. The American guard today starts an official communication through the official PAOK BC web page and the brand new application ‘PAOK BC Match Program’ and will be giving us updates of his recovery, his view of the team’s games as well as his take on the NCAA March Madness.

«I feel better day by day. I keep on the rehabilitation of my shoulder and I wait for the results of the exams, in order to see how my shoulder responds to the treatment.

It was very tough to watch the efforts of my teammates on the TV or to sit in the bench. I watched the game against Tenerife with Nathan Sobey and when I saw Keith Clanton getting injured, I just wanted to be in the arena and help my team.

My desire is to be ready for the playoffs. This is why I work so hard for my recovery. I thank God that the injury wasn’t as serious as we first thought it would be. I will do my best in order to be ready for the playoffs, but I don’t want to risk a relapse».

The March Madness

«This month is dedicated to college basketball in the USA. The NCAA tournament is not like the NBA or European basketball. It is something special.

The media in the US pay more attention in the NCAA than the NBA, while the NBA stars watch the games, especially if their alma mater is involved.

I wish the best for the Dayton and I hope to make it to the end. Even if they don’t succeed winning the tournament, I want to see them fighting in every game».

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