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Charitopoulos signed his contract and practiced with the team


Dimitris Charitopoulos is back with PAOK, a member of the team for the third time in his career and ready to offer his services once again. Charitopoulos signed his contract this afternoon with PAOK (till the end of the season) and he practiced for the first time with the team in the evening, where he met with many old acquaintances.


Kostas Charalampidis was the one to welcome Dimitris Charitopoulos, who spoke to before starting practicing with the team…

"I feel very familiar with PAOK and it didn't take for me to get on the floor to feel that way. From the moment my agent told me that PAOK is interested in me, I did not think about it at all. PAOK is the team I have played most for and love, so it was easy for me to return. It's true that it saddens me that I won't be able to play in Europe, I initially thought that I would, but even though the guys know what they need to do and I wish we make it as a team and succeed in our two remaining games for the last 32", Charitopoulos commented and talked about the challenges he's facing with PAOK for the remainder of the season… "I'll be debuting in one very important game, the one against Aris, a game that each athlete would love to play. I meet with a PAOK that's in an excellent shape. The team has done tremendous work, from the coach with whom I have worked before, as well as from the administration. Anyway, I had been watching the course of the team while in Spain. Many people were talking about PAOK while I was in Manresa, they were watching the team's Eurocup games and they only had flattering comments to make and this is very important for the team. It's important for PAOK to be in the 3rd ranking spot of the League, the team is still alive with the Greek Cup and in Europe and it's a great challenge for me to be here, it's only happy to get to play for such a team".


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