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PAOK always speaks at the end and this is exactly what happened at Trikala, where edged the local team 81-79 and completed its presence in the first round of the Basket League SKRATS in the best possible fashion.


PAOK controlled the game at its beginning and led by 5 (12-7) half into the first quarter. The home team run however a 9-0 streak and took over the lead (16-12) and maintained it to the end of the first quarter (24-21).


With 3/3 threes by Bremer, Langford and Liapis and a total 10-2 run, PAOK built a 31-26 lead but Trikala tied the game 31-31, for the immediate reaction of PAOK to appear and with a 5-0 run the guests were once again leading 36-31. The guests once again came ahead (36-35), but PAOK took an 8 points difference for the first time (35-43) and immediately a 9 one (36-45), before the 45-39 of half-time.


PAOK began the third quarter with a 5-0 run and was leading 50-39, but the home team run an impressive 15-0 streak and got a 4 point lead (54-50) at 24’. With Cupkovic having scored 3/3 triples at the beginning of the second half, the home team led by 5 (57-52), but PAOK, although having lost Carter (who was benched with 4 fouls), closed in to one point (62-61) at the end of the third quarter.


With a three by Nikolopoulos the hosts were leading 65-61, but PAOK responded with continuous threes and was ahead 67-65, with the game having a thrilling development to the end. PAOK was leading 71-68 at 34’, but had to finish the game without Margaritis (who suffered a sprain and his condition will be assessed tomorrow). Despite all of the above and the fact that the hosts were up by 4 (75-71 and 77-73), PAOK found the way to react and did it with big shots as well as impressive defense. Tsochlas tied the game 77-77 with 41’’ to go, Carter with a new triple gave PAOK a 80-79 lead with 21’’ to go and then with an amazing defense stole the ball from Harris and Saloustros made the final 81-79.


Τhe quarters: 24-21, 39-45, 62-61, 79-81

ΤΡΙΚΑΛΑ BC Aries: Ingram 4, Νικολ 8 (2),Traycey 9, Harris 17 (1), Cupkovic 15 (5), Panos 8, Spanos 5 (1), Kadji 13 (3), Chouchoumis, Milutnovic.

PΑΟΚ: Langford 16 (2), Liapis 6 (2), Carter 12 (2), Kakaroudis 10 (2), Tsochlas 5 1), Dedas, Margaritis 8, Odum 10 (2), Vaughn 4, Bremer 6 (2), Saloustros 4.


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