Sarikopoulos: «We established our rules»

Zisis Sarikopoulos represented PAOK’s players at the Press Conference after the game against Zaragoza for the 6th day of the 4th group of the BCL.

«It wasn’t an easy victory for us. This victory came thanks to our defense and our energy, compared to the previous games. We had lesser periods in the game that we lost focus and enforced our rules early on».

About the difference in the team’s performance when playing at home and on the road: : “This is something we have been trying to improve and I think that in the last game against Peristeri, the ‘mute’ period we went through from the end of the third quarter up until half into the fourth one, cost us. We closed in at the end and brought out energy. From there on, it takes time and practice but the way the schedule is, we don’t have that. So we need to find that with our coach and my team mates”.  

About the big players of Zaragoza: “I try to do whatever the team wants from me in any game, regardless of who I play against”.

About the things the team has improved in recent games: “Each game is different and we need to adjust to each different opponent. I think that we played a good game against JDA Dijon as well, despite losing at the end. It was the first step in order to restore faith in ourselves. I believe that now we play a more principled game on both ends of the floor, there is good ball movement, most of the guys are now doing more things on the floor”.  

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