Wiggins: «I’ll be giving all my energy for PAOK to win»

Antwaine Wiggins is getting ready for his third season with the Greek League, since after Lavrio and Ifaistos Limnou, he will be residing in Thessaloniki wearing PAOK’s jersey.

The 31 year old American, who is expected in Thessaloniki on Thursday (September 5, 20:35), he talked to about the new challenge in his career and sent a message for the team fans!

About whether his decision to accept PAOK’s offer was difficult:

«No, it was a very easy decision for me, because PAOK is a very good team and I’m really excited to be a part of it ».

On how important as well as tough it might be for a player to be joining a team that has to play for both the Basket League and the BCL:

«I love competing, so it’s going to be great to be playing for two different leagues at the same time. I’ve always wanted to be playing more games during the season. I have played for the Basket League in the last two seasons, so now it’s going to be a very good chance for me to take the next step».

On what he remembers from playing against PAOK in the previous two seasons:

«I mostly remember the fans that were really excited. The atmosphere was fascinating each time I played there as an opponent».

On how he would describe himself on and off the court:

«I’m very competitive when I play and I do whatever I can for my team to win. When I’m not playing, I like spending a lot of time with my family».

The message he would like to convey to the fans of the team:

«I’d like to tell them that they should be prepared for a very good season. I’ll be giving all the energy I have in every game so as to win as many games as possible and have a successful season».

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