Charalampidis: «A difficult and crucial game»

PAOK has mostly pleasant memories from Istanbul. All the more from its last visit there, during the 2015-16 season, again against Besiktas, when the team had gotten a huge victory. PAOK has lost twice to Besiktas at home, having although won the one game the two teams have played in Turkey. Tomorrow PAOK wants to do exactly the same thing, no matter how difficult it is.  

Following three consecutive victories in the competition, PAOK wants to keep the momentum going, with immense will, very little time to prepare and a tough home court to deal with.

PAOK’s coach, Kostas Charalampidis, talking about tomorrow’s game against Besiktas, pointed out: “It’s a very difficult and crucial game at the same time for us, for our effort to stay alive in the qualification game. Besiktas is a very strong opponent, with players that have strong personalities and value and to cope, we need to remain focused throughout the game and do the things we need to do correctly. Execute properly when attacking and at the same time stick with our defensive plan, absolutely focused, against a team that may have had some bad results lately, but has a lot of talent and can punish every mistake. And this is something we need to avoid”.

PAOK’s delegation arrived in Istanbul at noon and practice is scheduled at 19.00. There the level of readiness for JeQuan Lewis and Zane Knowles shall be determined, since both players did not participate Sunday practice, but nevertheless traveled with the team, that is also accompanied by its President Mr. Aristotelis Karakousis.

PAOK’s delegation flew for Istanbul early in the morning, together with the volleyball team of PAOK (that went on to fly to Ukraine, where they play against Barkom-Kazhany on Wednesday). Wishes for the both the teams’ victorious results accompany them.

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