Knowles is in Thessaloniki following the longest trip ever

This was more than a simple trans-Atlantic journey. Zane Knowles flew from Bahamas last Saturday, but remained stranded in Miami due to hurricane Dorian. After a lot of effort, he departed yesterday for London and following numerous flight changes, arrived in Thessaloniki today a little before 17:00.

«It was obviously the longest and most stressful journey I have ever made. I’m here now though and I’m very happy to be in Thessaloniki», Zane commented upon arriving and his next immediate thought was about PAOK and his obligations with the team: « I would have liked to have come earlier and began training with the team, I have spoken with the coach many times during all these days. I wish I could had done something more while in Miami, but I’m ready to begin practicing right now».

Zane Knowled went to the PAOK Sports Arena immediately after leaving the airport. The team practice had been concluded in the early afternoon, but the 27 year old center wanted to take a look at the gym in the Arena. He got to talk to our team’s trainer Panagiotis Vasileiou and was impressed by the fully equipped weights room where he will be obviously spending lots of time every day…

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